Dear Patient,

Pharmacovigilance serves the legally anchored effort to make approved medicinal products even safer for you. A. Menarini Pharma GmbH is also committed to this goal.

Patients have the opportunity to report suspected adverse drug reactions to the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) via the Internet portal for medicinal products or by mail.

To get to the correct page of the BASG, please click on this link address:

(Suspected) adverse reactions can be reported at:

You can also report (suspected) adverse reactions to medicines from A. Menarini Pharma LLC directly to us at:


E-Mail: pv[at]menarini[dot]at

Tel.: 01 / 879 95 85 - 0 (please follow the instructions)
Fax: 01 / 879 95 85 - 60

Your report should contain information about you as a patient, about the corresponding product of A. Menarini Pharma GmbH and about the adverse reaction. You can find our privacy policy here.


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