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Research & Development at Menarini

For more than 30 years, Menarini has driven research and development to create innovative and effective medicines and healthcare solutions for patients with serious diseases. At Menarini, we know that patients' hope for a better life is inextricably linked to the perseverance and progress of our researchers. This is what drives us. With 10 research centers in Europe, the US and Southeast Asia, MENARINI R&D develops projects from the preclinical phase to drug approval.



Our approach to R&D

Our R&D department focuses on developing life science innovations to improve patient health. Working with our Business Development & Licensing and Marketing teams, we identify the most promising opportunities and apply our drug development expertise to transform them into high-quality medicines that improve patients' lives. Continuous investment in technologies and in improving the skills and knowledge of our researchers enables us to achieve scientific breakthroughs and make an important contribution to curing difficult-to-treat diseases.


Innovation & Research

We are highly committed to developing effective solutions to address the global threat associated with antimicrobial resistance. Discover more about our R&D projects in the anti-infectives area.

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