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Ethics & Compliance

We promote and support a culture of compliance and an ethics-conscious work environment that reflects our company's values and, by ensuring that our business practices comply with applicable laws, industry regulations, codes of ethics and standards.

Such ethical standards are fundamental to our Group policies and how provide a common framework for how we interact with our colleagues, how we do business with our partners and suppliers, and how we serve our patients and the many facilities and communities in which we operate around the world.

Global Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct represents a concrete guide to action that is intended to shape the behavior of Executive Board members and managing directors, managers and employees of our Group in all countries. At the same time, it is a commitment to a shared responsibility towards our company owners and calls for conscious action. The Menarini Group Global Code of Conduct applies to all Group companies worldwide, regardless of their respective locations.

Code of Conduct for Cooperation with Third Parties

We recognize that collaboration with business partners plays an important role in the success of A. Menarini Pharma GmbH and we ask our partners to adhere to our ethical, social and environmental standards and principles. We are committed to working only with third parties who share our commitment to the principles outlined in our Global Code of Conduct for Third Parties.

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Business Ethics & Compliance

We promote and support an ethical work environment and a culture of compliance, by ensuring that business practices adhere to applicable laws, industry regulations, ethical codes and standards.

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Discover more about the Global Code of Conduct on our Menarini Group website


Menarini Global Code of Conduct

We conduct our business always with the utmost integrity and following the highest ethical standards. These principles are firmly part of our DNA.

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