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About Menarini Austria

Our history

The origins of the company date back to the 19th century, to 1886, when Archimede Menarini opened the "Farmacia Internazionale" in the center of Naples. In 1915 Florence was chosen as the headquarters, in the same place where it is today. Since then, a long history of international growth, global presence, research and development has begun.

The Austrian branch, A. Menarini Pharma, started in 1998 and now employs a team of over 70 people. A large part of them work as pharmaceutical sales representatives in the field in order to be personally available to our customers and partners as contact persons on site. With our mission "We make it simple" we have made it our daily task to always put the service idea in the foreground for our customers such as doctors and pharmacists, but of course also patients.


Our 4 core values

  • The human being in the center
  • Patient focus
  • Responsibility and integrity
  • Quality

The human being in the center

People are at the center of our company. We live in a multicultural environment and value diversity and integration. We consider solidarity to be a fundamental part of our respect for people. We respect and protect the environment around us in order to provide a better life for our children.

Patient focus

The essence of our identity is defined by our focus on the patient. All our activities are inspired by this core value.

Responsibility and integrity

Passion, pride, dedication and commitment are embedded in the DNA of our company. Each and every one of us represents Menarini. Each of us is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the reliability, integrity and scientific value. We apply the highest ethical standards in all of our processes. We work with commitment to encourage and promote ethical behavior. Compliance is essential at all levels.


Our approach goes beyond meeting pure compliance requirements as we strive to achieve the highest market standards by creating a true culture of quality. We aim to improve patient care through quality.

History of Our Group

History of Our Group

Discover our milestones since 1886: the origins, the international expansion step by step and the recent acquisitions.

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International partners

Under the motto "Health without borders", Menarini has been working closely with international partners for many years with the aim of generating synergies and developing innovative healthcare products and services for patients worldwide. Today, Menarini is internationally represented in over 140 countries with leading products in the indication areas of cardiovascular, asthma, COPD, infectious diseases and pain therapy. More than 17,000 employees work for the Group worldwide, 700 of them in research and development.



The Menarini Group was founded in 1886 in Italy and is now present in 140 countries around the world.

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