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About Menarini Austria

Who are we?

A. Menarini Pharma Austria introduces itself. As a team of people who enjoy working together, we have been marketing and distributing the innovative and high quality medical products of our Italian parent company, the Menarini Group in Florence, since 1998.

At Menarini Austria, we pride ourselves on providing equal opportunities for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, culture, physical ability, nationality, political beliefs, life experience, religious or sexual orientation, because everyone brings different perspectives and strengths to the table. By embracing these, we develop a true sense of belonging within our team.

At our site in Vienna, 27 employees work in a modern ambience and family atmosphere, optimally supported by our experienced sales force.

If our team spirit appeals to you, find out more about your personal career opportunities at Menarini Austria.



Our management team


Wilfried Teufel, General Manager

„Menarini to me stands for MEN as in MENSCHEN (people), AR as in ARBEIT (work) and INI as in initiative - here at Menarini initiative people do work to find solutions for patients.“


Dr. Barbara Szvetits, Head of Marketing Pharmaceuticals

„Working at Menarini is a perfect combination of my passion for medicine, working with exciting people and great products. I really appreciate the togetherness at Menarini, as the appreciative interaction enables constructive work. Personal opinions are valued and in the team you enjoy the exchange of ideas and the courage for new things.“


Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Brecht, HEAD OF MEDICINE

„There is a lot of data on our medicines from clinical trials. It is important to me to make this data clinically relevant for our physicians so that they can use our medicines in the best possible way for the right patient.“


Stefanie Freistetter, MA, Head of hR 

„For me, Menarini means the individual advancement of employees, communication at eye level, exciting products and a family-like working environment where fun is not neglected either. This combination makes working at Menarini so exciting for me and motivates me in my daily tasks.“


Anton Obermayer, Head of Finance

„I am proud to belong to the Menarini family: The nice colleagues, the friendly interaction and the social togetherness characterize the working atmosphere at Menarini. So it's simply fun to work here.“


Tanja Kienbichl, MA, Regulatory Affairs & Market Access Manager

„Cohesion and a supportive family atmosphere are important for me to be able to develop to my full potential. At Menarini, I immediately felt this spirit. I can fully subscribe to the expression "when colleagues become friends.“


Mag. Christian Bednar, Head of Logistics, Operations & Quality

„Within my years of service, it's the new and exciting challenges that are on the agenda that make working at Menarini interesting and varied.“


Nikolaus Baumann, Head of Sales Pharmaceuticals

„The well-being of all patients is our driving force. In this regard, Menarini offers a wide range of innovative products for a wide variety of indications. To this end, we lead our team spiritedly and with enthusiasm, acting in a customer- and solution-oriented manner, and always with foresight.“

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